Lynx Band Of The Week #4: Foster The People

Foster The People are a dapper trio from California. Armed with carefully-crafted dream pop that registers somewhere between MGMT and Phoenix, their single ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ has coerced 2011 to wiggle its hips and gyrate itself into a frenzy over the course of the early Summer months.

Why they should impress us:

Frontman Mark Foster rejected working on a project with Dr. Dre – YES, THE ACTUAL DR. DRE -because he didn’t believe in the direction that the music was taking. That’s some pretty impressive principles he’s got there.

Why they’ll impress the ladies:

Well-dressed, cosmopolitan and ultimately fun, they’re skinny indie boys from LA – the type Kate Moss might marry.

Lynx Effect line to drop in conversation:

“Oh, did you know they were going to be called Foster & The People but people misheard their frontman…” Deploy this first, then, as part of a great combo hit, you can follow it up by dropping the Dre factlet. Jab, jab, WALLOP. She’s putty.

Download: Pumped Up Kicks

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