Struggling To Make The First Move Or How About Pulling Megan Fox? Jo Fuertes-Knight Has The Answers…

Like a morally charged, streetwise advice Robocop, Jo Fuertes-Knight is back to protect you from the pitfalls of the everyman and give you the Lynx Effect you truly deserve. Be it dating an A-Lister or overcoming first move jitters, no problem is too big or small. Here’s what she had to say this week:

Dear Jo

How can I show a girl I like that I’m perfect for her without sounding like
an idiot?

Ian from Facebook

Jo says:

How do you know you’re perfect for her? Has she made a voodoo doll that’s a spitting image of you and listed your exact personality traits? If she has, that’s well organised and power to her. But if she hasn’t, sit down for a second and assess the situation. As soon as you start straining to meet the imaginary criteria you’ve created, it will start to look weird and she’ll be nodding politely while checking what the rules are for obtaining a restraining order.

Try to spend some time alone together, and spend it without putting her up on a pedestal in your mind while “SHE IS THE WOMAN FOR ME” klaxons are blaring. Potential romances have to be two way, not from beating someone over the head with how great a match you are until they give in. Hanging out will see if there’s anything in it, because you never know, after time you may realise that she is not perfect for you.

Dear Jo

I wanna date Megan Fox can Lynx help?

Jonathan from Facebook

Jo says:

Poke her on Facebook and invite her out. I hear Ms Fox is also partial to Sex On The Beach cocktails and hot wings on a Friday night, so how about slapping on some Lynx and showing the girl your moves? We’re talking about the Megan Fox who I went to primary school with, right?

Dear Jo

I like a girl and want to make a move on her but I’m afraid to. Is it ever too late to make a move on someone you like or can you end up stuck in the “Friend Zone?”

David from Facebook

Jo says:

There’s no such thing as a “Friend Zone”. It’s a sound-bite invented by romantic comedy movie producers to spin out storylines and make women feel less guilty about palming off blokes they’re not interested in. What I’m trying to say is, relationships have no set route. You could be friends for years or just clapped eyes on each other. Besides, having a girlfriend should be like having a best girl mate you just happen to cuddle and hold hands with and stuff.

But if you’re paranoid that you’re careering into this imaginary “Friend Zone” territory, throw in some harmless flirting and test the waters. There’s no need for anything too strong, so no sending her tasteful nudes or midnight serenades of Lionel Richie yet. Keep it casual and see how she reacts. For example, why not try telling her when she’s looking fit, or chucking in a few extra xs at the end of texts (no, really, this is a thing girls obsess over). If her reaction is cool, back off, but if she reciprocates turn it up a notch. Most of all have fun with it. If you’re just hardwired towards getting into her knickers she’ll be put off, so enjoy her company and if the flirting takes a nose dive, you’ve just got an ace new girl mate at the end of it, no?

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